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Studio Gear

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We at Music Intersection strive to provide the artist or band with the best quality recordings possible. The primary composing, recording and mixing is done at J-Labz, Music Intersection Studios in Sherman Oaks, California. Additional recording and mixing based on client needs maybe performed at various studios in Los Angeles. Led by producer/writer Clarence Jey, his team of producers and recording engineers, songwriters and other music professionals collectively aim to bring you greater versatility in the creative aspects and music styles in delivering premium quality recordings for your needs.

J-Labz – Music Intersection Studio, Los Angeles, California
Control Room: 18′x15′, Vocal booth: 8′x6′, Live Room (Angl Lounge): 18′x18′

Vintage RCA Recording Console 24:16 from RCA NYC – (Les Paul/Chet Atkins Design circa 1967) as in RCA Studio B, Nashville, TN. (closest sound would be a Vintage API)
Inward Connections (Tree Audio) MP-820 8 channel Tube Side Car

Computer: Mac Pro 2X2.8Ghz Intel Xeon, Apogee Symphony 24 I/O, SSL X-Desk & SSL-XLogic XRack, ProTools 10, Logic 9, Steinberg Cubase 6.5, Speck X-Sum, UAD-2 Quad with various UAD2 Plugins, Synchroarts Vocalign, Waves, McDSP, Soft-Tube, Antares, Celemony Melodyne Complete, NI Komplete 8, XLN Audio Addictive Drums, Sound Toys, Line6 Pod Farm, Vengeance, Sylenthe, Rob Papen

Microphones: Neumann M49, Sony C800G, Neumann U87 (‘79), Bock 507, RCA 77DX, AKG C12VR, CAD VX2, Neumann KM84i, AKG C451EB, Beyer MC840, Beyer M160, Senheiser MD421, Shure SM7 (USA), Shure SM7B, Beyer M88TG, Unidyne Shure 55S Elvis Mic, Shure Unidyne III SM57 (2), Shure SM59, AKG D224E, Monarch Crystal MC131 Harp Mic

Preamps/Compressors/EQ/FX: 8 x Vintage Neve 1073, Telefunken V76/s, Vintage Neve 1084, Telefunken V72 (x2), 24 x RCA Preamps, 8 x Inward Connections (Tree Audio) MP820 Preamps/DI, 32 x Melcor GME-20 Eqs, Neve 1073DPA, Telefunken V672 (x2), , Siemens w295b EQ (x2), Vintage Neve 33609/83065, UREI 1176, 6 x Melcor CL-20 Limiters, UREI Teletronix LA2A, Tube-Tech CL1B, 2 x Purple Audio MC76, Lang PEQ-2, 2 x DBX 160VU, 5 x DBX 160X, 2 x RCA Type 56B Eqs, Demeter VTMP2A, Focusrite ISA-430MK1, Trident 4T, A Designs REDDI, DBX 100 Subharmonic Synthesizer, DBX 166A, TC Electronics M350

Monitors and Amps: Yamaha NS10M Studio, Altec 604E Super Duplex Speakers previously owned by Chet Atkins and used at Nashville RCA Studio-D owned by Chet Atkins, KRK VXT8, KRK V8, KRK Subwoofer, Yamaha P2201 Amp,

Synthesizers: Oberheim OB-8, Studio Electronics SE-1X, Roland Juno 60, Roland Juno 106, Crumar Performer, Yamaha SS-30 String Machine Ensemble, Yamaha CS-15, Korg Polysix, Yamaha CZ101, 2 x Roland JD800, Roland JD990, Roland XV5080, Roland D550, Roland MKS20, Yamaha DX7-Centennial, Yamaha TX816 + MV802, Yamaha TX81Z, Kurzweil K2500S, Korg TR Rack, Emu Mo’Phatt

Guitars/Amps/Pedals: Gibson Les Paul ’58 VOS (98), Fender Jazzmaster 1968, Fender Coronado II 1966, Fender Custom Shop Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster 1988, Fender Precision Bass 1982 (’62 Fullerton RI), Fender Jazz Bass 1983 (’62 Fullerton RI), Musicman Stingray 1980, Epiphone Acoustic Guitar X 2, Taylor Acoustic Guitar, vintage 60s Fender Bassman 4×10 2 in, Matchless HC30 Amp + ESS112 Cab Sampson Era, Vox AC30 1964 Amp, Univox 45B Amp, Roland JC77 Jazz Chorus Amp, Musicman 115B-120 Bass Amp/Cab, Moogerfooger MF-104Z Analog Delay, Electro Harmonix (QTron+, Holystain, Big Muff, Electric Mistress, Poly Chorus), Tech 21 SansAmp (California, Liverpool, British, Blonde), Menatone Blue Collar Overdrive, Line 6 Pod2, Rockman Sustainor & Stereo Chorus/Delay, Korg Digital Delay SDD2000, Yamaha SPX 990, TC Electronics VPD1.

Pianos/Organs: Fender Rhodes Stage 73 MK2, Emerson 1850 Square Grand Piano, Haken Continuam, Harpejji k24, Vox Jaguar Organ

Rhythm: Rogers Vintage Holiday 1962/63 Drum set (22/16/13) and various snares, Ace Tone Rhythm Ace FR-1, Seeburg Gulbransen Select-A-Rhythm, Jomox XBase, Yamaha RY30, Akai MPC60Mk1, Various Percussion (Bongos, Congas, Castanets, Tambourines, Shakers)

Additional Recording/Mixing:
Westlake Studio C – Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA
Paramount Recording Studio C – Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, CA
Ocean Way Studios / Record One Studios A&B – California, CA