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Awards and Achievements

From the time we learn to read, act, play, dance or participate in any kind of sporting activity, we are encouraged to ‘win’. The concept of ‘win’ versus ‘lose’ has been part of human behavior since the beginning of our existence. When we translate the idea of winning or achieving, into the modern day entertainment industry, what comes to mind are Award ceremonies like the Grammy Awards, Emmy Awards, Country Music Awards and a recent addition, Teen Choice Awards!

The 2012 Teen Choice Awards, held on July 22nd, to many were a huge success with amazing hosts, Demi Lovato and Kevin McHale (not the former Basketball player from Celtics? But the cool new kid on the block that plays Artie Abrams from Fox’s hit musical comedy drama series “Glee”) leading the way. Teen Choice Awards in particular, celebrates the year’s biggest achievements in music, film, sports, TV, fashion, comedy and the Internet and are voted by teen viewers ages 13-19. The show is of particular interest to the team at Music Intersection, whose artists aspire to having the success stories of artists such as Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, Miranda Cosgrove and Taylor Swift to name a few. Teen Choice Awards gives out custom-made surfboards to individual winners as it represents the freedom of the summer vacation for teens. It’s a really cool concept and encouragement for artists from a teen perspective, knowing that in today’s music market, where Gen Y and Gen X tend to have the highest in digital downloads of music from places like iTunes and Amazon, there is a fairly direct relationship between the individual winners and their market share. As a matter of fact, a well illustrated study conducted by British Music Rights and reported by ItFacts.biz, the 14-17 year-olds (younger teens) are found to be almost twice as likely to download music tracks a month as compared to 18-24 year-olds.

So it seems fairly clear from the music facts alone that when an artist is voted as a ‘winner’ at Teen Choice Awards, it’s generally a great indication of the popularity of that particular artist amongst the largest music consumer market today. One can confidently call out that the Teen Choice Awards would be a well respected and significant player in the years to come, as the Awards are an honest reflection of one of the largest music audiences out there.

We are the World..

The past month was super busy in terms of travelling…I think I may still have a slight case of Jet lag, but the show must go on!
I had the priviledge of travelling to Japan/Singapore/SriLanka and Australia. During my travels, I learnt about various cultures and places, made some new discoveries, recognized how similar-yet different we all are, and made a critical validation of that one thing that was a common element to all of us… Music – we all love music no matter where we live or what we do.

Take for instance, a place like Singapore, where it’s typically appreciated for it’s east-meet-west type scene. It has a fairly obvious British Colonnial influence, but has become what it is because it took it’s course and found it’s own destiny. There are folks who speak Chinese, Malay and Tamil with English being fairly common amongst all. So I hit the local Starbucks (not a good idea as it’s double the price there!), and I hear music that is American or European. There was Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, and the usual culprits, but my man Gotye certainly was stealing some serious airwaves! Bravo! I go to the local music store and there was one fine Fender guitar and the guy could not stop talking about Richard Marx.. ok. fine, perhaps a man of the 90s but hey, one serious talent! I walked over to the Indian temple and there were Indian classical instruments played at the temple – it certainly found a peaceful place in my ears! The next visit was SriLanka (and no, im not going to bore you with all the other destinations), but what was hilarious was when a 26 seater mini-van picked me up from one of the local airports, there came the music :) Boney-M baby! “Rivers of Babylon” to be precise… now, this was one of the tunes I first self taught myself on how to play it on Piano, but 20 something years later, it just pops on as soon as I landed there, and to my contentment, the van driver was certainly doing more than tapping his feet, enjoying that ear candy! After checking out some local musicians play native instruments such as Tabla, Nadaswaram and Thavil, I think I may have given myself a challenge to perhaps collaborate with them in the future.!

So my take on this experience is that music really makes the world go by..to me, melody can be in any language, but good melodies soothe the ears, great melodies transform our feelings. The words certainly add a story and obviously there are so many stories that can be written about… music is our common language, no matter how different or crazy we all are! Peace.

Acoustic Guitar Recording in Pop Music

Today I was at a recording studio in the valley doing some acoustic guitar recordings and the engineer and I were messing about with the usual questions of what Mic/s to use, what distance we should have the mics at, what preamp to use, and so forth…. Then suddently something struck me about the whole ‘purpose’ of this session… I realized that I was missing the bigger picture here and was way too focussed on the ‘technical’ aspects of capturing the best ‘take’ so to speak with absolute precision and being true to the instrument as well as the ‘gear’. I decided to ask myself the ‘purpose’ of this session itself and the message of the song as well as the vision behind the singer’s performance on this.. I realized that at the end of the day, as much as I needed to follow all the technical aspects of getting a ‘proper, acoustically correct’ recording done with all the technical aspects right, no matter what, it was quite insignificant in terms of the actual composition itself and the relevance of this recording, as it was a simple pop song, more focussed on ‘vocal’ and the ‘beat’. I asked the engineer if we could actually stick a lesser quality microphone infront that may give more a ‘tone’ or a ‘lo-fi’ type sound rather than a $4K condenser microphone… and we just did exactly that. We threw in a very mediocre Senheiser in there and spent a little more time on the ‘delivery’ itself.

I listened to what we tracked and to me, it had so much ‘character’…and better still, it sat so well in the ‘mix’ amongst the other instrumentation for the song. This revelation took me back to reading about Mr. Bruce Swedien’s recording of Michael Jackson’s all time top seller album ‘Thriller’. Bruce Swedien had mentioned that he used a Shure SM7 microphone to lessen the impact of Michael’s pops/plosives on expensive condensers and their capsules due to his vocal projection and plosives. A new SM7 today is around $350 from Guitar Center (second hand can be found as cheap as $200 sometimes on Ebay!!). So, believe it or not, the late King of Pop having his vocals recorded through a $200 microphone on the Thriller album pretty much summs it up. Something we producers/engineers and musicians should try to live by I truly believe, is the famous quote by U2 producer Daniel Lanois “Remember, energy and ideas override technology”…..