• Music Production, Recording & Mixing

    Music Production, Recording & Mixing

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    Music Placement & Licensing

  • Music Video Production

    Music Video Production

  • Artist Marketing & Branding

    Artist Marketing & Branding

  • Audio Visual Services

    Audio Visual Services

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About Us

Music Intersection is a premium full service music production company in Los Angeles. Utilizing a team of creative music industry professionals, whose credits include music for US Billboard Top 100 as well as Emmy and Grammy nominated records, Music Intersection specializes in all aspects of music production, such as high-quality audio recording services, songwriting, composing for Film/TV, track production, voice-overs, music video production, artist photography, music publishing, and artist branding and marketing strategies. Taking pride in each of their client’s projects, Music Intersection strives to help artists reach their potential while delivering a product that has a sustainable competitive advantage in the global music industry.

The team at Music Intersection has had recent placements on Glee/FOX, Good Morning America/ABC, America’s Best Dance Crew, Wii, Xbox, HBO, Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno, NBC Universal, E-Channel, CNN, BBC and MTV. Label releases include Sony (US), Warner (US/Canada), Fontana/Universal (US) and other independent labels. Our audio-visual clients range from MediaZen/Hyundai/KIA to Actor/Director JCVD/Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Music Intersection has experience working with clients from various genres as well as different age ranges. These include various markets such as pop/dance, adult contemporary, teen-pop, tween, urban, rock and indie/alternative.

The primary recording studio is located in Los Angeles, California, with partnering studios in London, Melbourne and Hong Kong. Depending on the project, the music producer team utilizes other studios in Los Angeles such as ‘Paramount Studios’ in Hollywood or ‘The Record Plant’.

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